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Surfside Potrero Community
Spanish Teacher as a Second Language   .   Professeur de I'Espagnol
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Enjoy Learning Spanish or Improve it!

About the Instructor:

My name is Ivette.  I was born in San José and have a background as a psychologist. I have been teaching Spanish as a foreign language for over 25 years by now.

I opened, owned and operated a Spanish school in Manuel Antonio, Quepos (Costa Rica central pacific coast). I moved to Potrero 15 years ago where I have been teaching private tutoring Spanish and also I was a teacher at Country Day School, for 2 years.

I love my work and enjoy so much teaching Spanish as a foreign language. I love to see the progress of my students and also sharing with people from different cultures is one of the things that I enjoy the most 

I speak and write English.  I am now offering Spanish classes on Skype, $25 per hour.
My name on skype: ivettegmora


Ivette Spanish Teacher


Ivette Spanish teacher


I do teach Spanish considering each student’s particular needs and interests. People have different ways of learning, different learning styles. Therefore, a wide range of diverse, challenging, and entertaining approaches is used in the class. Practical and useful material is included.

In order for learning to be truly effective, the student is given plenty of opportunities to make connections and create relationships between prior knowledge and new material. ,

My philosophy is for you to enjoy yourself and feel comfortable while you learn in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which makes easier and fun language learning.


Please, classes must be paid one week in advance.  If for any reason the you can not attend the class, you must inform me by phone or email at least one day in advance in order to reschedule only.  Otherwise, you will be charged for the class.

Private classes: (one on one)
$25 per hour in Potrero area (included material). Other areas price would depend of the distance. (I live in Potrero :)

Group prices: (5 students per group maximum) :
$13 per hour, per person.

Skype Classes :
I'm offering Spanish classes on skype, $25 per hour. My name on Skype: ivettegmora